5 Beauty Habits I Need To Break

Even though I’ve now been using makeup for a few years and know all about the “dos and don’ts”, I often find myself breaking these rules time after time! Here are my main beauty confessions;

Throwing away mascara after three months.
I’m terrible for this! Even knowing the reasons why you should throw them away, I still continue to do it. If there’s product still in the bottle I’m always reluctant to get rid of it, especially if it was an expensive mascara. The reason why you should throw mascara away is that bacteria can build up meaning it can cause eye infections if you are not careful. Three months is typically as long as they can last, before you are risking eye infections.

Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise.
I did use to do this, however I stopped when my Simple toner ran out, and just haven’t been out to replace it due to having so much on my mind lately. So why should you use toner? Toner helps remove excess oil and dead skin cells that may remain on the skin even after you have used a cleanser. I have often been astounded at how much dirt toner removed even though I had just used a makeup wipe. If you often suffer from breakouts such as myself, adding a toner to your usual skin care regime may help.

Curling eyelashes.
Okay so this isn’t something you have to do, but it doesn’t actually have any negative effects. Curling your eyelashes makes them appear longer and can make mascara application a bit easier. It can give off the same appearance as if you were wearing fake eyelashes, and if you’re like me and struggle with those, curling is a much easier route. I do own an eyelash curler, however when I’m rushing in the morning to get ready, I usually just forget.

Cleaning makeup brushes regularly.
I’m so embarrassed to say I hardly ever do this, even though I use the brushes daily. I usually either just forget to do it, too busy, or just cannot be bothered to do it even though I know the reasons why you’re supposed to do it. I know this is one I need to change quickly as it is bad for my skin as bacteria can build up in the brush. So every time you use it, you are just transferring the germs and bacteria on to your face.

Never sleep with makeup on.
Admittedly there are occasions where I do this, but usually happens if I stay at someone’s house or after a party and I’m completely wiped out. Still no excuse I know! Apart from these occasions, I’m really good at remembering to take all my makeup off before I go to sleep, as sleeping with it on is really bad for your skin. It’ll clog up your pores which means that dead skin cells and irritants can’t be removed. Leaving it on all night is a sure way to get breakouts, and sleeping with mascara on can cause your eyelashes to become dry and brittle. Also leaving you with panda eyes when you wake up in the morning…

These are the main “rules” that I find myself breaking even though I know I shouldn’t. Which ones do you find yourself breaking?

Frankie x

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