Crazyblondegal, aka Frankie. 

Shortlisted for a Company Blogger Award in 2014, Crazyblondegal covers a variety of topics from beauty and fashion, to lifestyle and personal posts. I started this blog in the summer before I left to study Computer Information Systems at The University of Lincoln, after reading other blogs for a little while. It’s something that I enjoyed doing in my spare time, and that I’m still very enthusiastic about!

You can usually find me waffling away on Twitter, or find out what I’m getting up to today on Instagram or Facebook. Occasionally uploading on YouTube, I mainly spend any spare minutes pinning dreamy outfits or makeup looks on Pinterest.

Feel free to catch up on my latest posts on Bloglovin, and sign up to get new blog posts straight to your email. This is my little corner of the internet, I hope you enjoy!

TL;DR – I like cats, and we should be friends.

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