Baker Days Letterbox Cake

Baker Days Crazyblondegal Chocolate Icing Cake

Today’s post is about cake, and personally I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like cake! Being a self confessed junk-food eater, this review is right down my alley. This cake in particular is from Baker Days, which is a company that caters to anybody’s cake needs for any occasion such as birthdays, celebrations or even humour cakes! If you’re struggling for a gift idea, or are too busy to pop down to the shops to pick up a prezzie, you can simply order a pre-made designed cake or even a custom one, to be sent to your friend’s house right through their letterbox.

Baker Days Crazyblondegal Chocolate Icing Cake

I was given the opportunity to choose my very own 5″ letterbox cake, which was very kind of Baker Days. A letterbox cake is literally a cake that can fit through a letterbox, which I think is pretty nifty. I could have picked a pre-made design from the website, or even sent in a photo of my choice to have on the cake. As I’m not celebrating anything at the moment, I decided to send in my blog illustration. I was pleasantly surprised how much detail they put on the cake of the illustration, I honestly didn’t think they would manage to pull it off, but they did! It arrived in mint condition, the cake hadn’t been damaged in the slightest while in transit – although I wasn’t the nimblest of people when getting the cake out of the box!

Baker Days Cake Tin

It also came in a lovely round tin that I wasn’t expecting to receive, I’m definitely going to reuse it for something else! Included in the box was a party horn, balloons and candles, and a sweet ‘Enjoy your cake’ card from Baker Days!

Baker Days Crazyblondegal Chocolate Icing Cake Slice

I didn’t know what kind of cake I was going to get, but I was really happy when I received a chocolate one. The cake wasn’t dry at all, in fact it was deliciously moist and chocolatey, with butter-cream underneath its spongy goodness! The icing on top was the perfect thickness, and I adore the pressed pattern around the edge.

I shared the cake with my mum and brothers, and it received thumbs up all round! It didn’t last more than a day, so if that isn’t a good sign, I don’t know what is.

You can see the full range of cakes and sizes – including cupcakes, by clicking here! What kind of custom design would you put on a cake? Let me know in the comments!

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