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Over the past couple of months, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers asking these questions more and more, ‘what are blogger business cards, what do I put on them, and where can I get them from?’ So I’m going to try and answer your questions today! Business cards are used to expand your audience, or simply given out to remind someone of who you are and what you’re about. These can either be created from pre-designed business cards, or you can choose to create a custom one.

Crazyblondegal Blogger Blog Business Cards Front

What do you include on a business card? As you can see above with my own blogger business cards, you need to have something you can be recognised by, be that your brand logo or a photo of you. Using a photo of yourself is an instant reminder of the face-to-face contact at what might have been a very busy day. I opted for both, and styled it in a Facebook page design which I absolutely adore.

Crazyblondegal Blogger Blog Business Cards Back

Don’t forget to use the back of the card, and think about how your card is going to stand out from all the rest. I personally used the front of my card for branding and have the rest of the information on the back, keeping to my blog’s colour theme without making it look messy. Try not to use too many fonts that clash, you want it to look neat, so make sure the fonts complement each other.

The main details you want on your business cards are your name, blog name/blog address and from here the rest is down to personal preference. Also consider a description of who you are or what your blog is about. Extra optional things you might want to include are; email address, and any social media links/usernames you want to include, and even your phone number if you’re a commercial blog. You want people to be able to contact you easily!

I know that often the use of a QR code is suggested, however I would advise to use this space for something else, as personally I don’t know anyone that uses or scans QR codes. I think they are a great and funky idea, but they are most likely not going to be used, and take up valuable space.

Crazyblondegal Blogger Blog Business Cards Case

The main point of these cards are so they can be handed out, so don’t forget to bring enough along to events – you don’t want to be caught short! It might be a good idea to invest in a business card holder, so they can stay neat and bend-free for when you distribute them. Find opportunities to give people your details all the time, but don’t force it upon them. Don’t forget to pick up other people’s business cards too to share the blogging love.

My blogger business cards were purchased from Vistaprint, as they had a half price and free card holder offer going on at the time. The offer is what drew me to purchase from them, however there are lots of other options available, so make sure you check which one is right for you. Below I’ll list just a few places you can purchase your business cards from;






And many more!

I’m off to the #birminghamjulymeet this weekend that is being hosted by Jess and Katrina, and I also have my own blogger meet taking place next month in Newark, so these are perfect examples of events where there is an opportunity to swap business cards.

If you’re serious about your blog and want to step it up a notch, a few business cards is a good way to start. Although keep in mind that as soon as you have a new blog design or blog address, the business cards will be out-dated and useless, so please don’t spend too much money and time on the cards.

Let me know in the comments if you have ordered business cards before for your blog, and if you find them useful or not!

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