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The key to getting a bargain is to know what everything costs. If you’ve ever seen the show ‘Dispatches’, you should know that not everything is as it seems when it comes to shopping. Brands purposely try to elude you into buying their product with the promise that it is cheaper or you get more for the same price.

It was found that in places such as Poundland, they actively promote misinformation. They say that a product might be 33% larger than before, but really it means the product has been the same the whole time but just with a label attached to make it seem more tempting. In reality this means that you could be paying more at a pound shop than you would at a supermarket. This isn’t to say that supermarkets don’t use dirty tactics themselves. In some cases products of a smaller size bought to the same volume as a larger product could end up cheaper. But of course, as it looks as if you’re getting more, you just assume that you are getting the better offer. All supermarket labels usually contain a price per measurement, but even then they can switch between units (for example, price/10ml on one product, and price/100ml on another) to make it confusing for the consumer to know what they’re really getting for their money.

As well as this, there are shops like TK Maxx which have recently come under fire. Although they advertise named brands at a cheaper price, they actually own most of the brands they are attempting to sell. It was found that the parent company of TK Maxx owned over 100 brands that was sold in their stores. They managed to draw customers in by offering a massive price difference from the RRP, where it was actually them who set this number in the first place to make it seem like you were getting away with an awesome deal. As well as this, they used to print false information on the labels of their products stating that something from, for example, Ralph Lauren, was in season when really it was merchandised from four or five years ago. As an extensive of this, TK Maxx used to have real brands manufacture cheap versions of their very expensive product, replacing all the expensive materials with easily found and inexpensive ones. They would then claim that is was the same item.

This isn’t to say that the shops are still the same, they could have well of changed, but I think it’s best that we all remain well aware of the fact that some high street retailers are more interested in pulling a profit than offering a fair deal to its consumers.

What is your number one money saving tip?

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