Bloggers Do It Better | #3 Bright & Neutral

I was a bit stumped for ideas for the third topic of the Bloggers Do It Better challenge, but that’s when I realised I had the answer right in front of me! You may or may not have seen my post on Instagram displaying a lot (but only half!) of my Dainty Doll collection. Dainty Doll was unfortunately discontinued sadly; however I managed to pick up a lot of eye shadows from Poundland a while ago. The till operator looked at me like I was crazy but the RRP for the eyeshadows is £11.50, so it was an amazing bargain! Excluding the eyeshadow primer (Frankie Girl), I own 4 eyeshadow shades (I also doubled up on them), of which two are neutral and the other two are bright shades.

Dainty Doll Nicola Roberts Eyeshadow Poundland

The brighter shades are Lollipops and Roses (pink) and Kingston Town (yellow). The neutral shades are Teach Me Tiger (orange), You Are Experienced (brown).

The pigmentation is amazing on every shade and they blend really easily making them easy to work with. Most of the colours I got are ones I would never usually go near but I thought it’d be fun to challenge myself and take a step out of my comfort zone (for one pound I was willing to risk it!).


Lollipops and Roses –

Dainty Doll Nicola Roberts Eyeshadow Lollipops and Roses Pink

A really bright eyeshadow that I fell in love with at first sight, and that also has a very long staying power. It makes a statement, especially on pale skin such as my own.

Kingston Town –

Dainty Doll Nicola Roberts Eyeshadow Kingston Town Yellow

This isn’t an eyeshadow shade I would usually go for; however I think it just shouts spring/summer at me! 


Teach Me Tiger –

Dainty Doll Nicola Roberts Eyeshadow Teach Me Tiger Orange

Teach Me Tiger is a beautiful nude/orange shade that I simply adore. This is my go-to shade that I prefer to wear on a day to day basis.

You Are Experienced –

Dainty Doll Nicola Roberts Eyeshadow You Are Experienced Brown

You Are Experienced is a matte brown shade which is heavily pigmented and that will last for hours. This is a colour that would suit anybody, especially for doing creases.


Without Flash –

Dainty Doll Nicola Roberts Eyeshadow Swatch

With flash –

Dainty Doll Nicola Roberts Eyeshadow Swatch Flash

The eyeshadows are displayed in round, slim-line matte black pots, with a mirror inside. The brand name ‘Dainty Doll’ is simply printed in gold lettering on the outside which makes the packaging look very sleek and expensive. The outer packaging (not displayed in this post) also has a professional appearance in matte black, with an illustration of Nicola Roberts, and the Dainty Doll logo on the cardboard. While writing up this blog post, I caved and purchased the other 4 eyeshadows I don’t own, so expect to see them pop up on the blog sometime!

My picks: Teach Me Tiger and Lollipops and Roses
If you’re only going to pick one, make it: Teach Me Tiger

Did you manage to grab yourself a Dainty Doll bargain from Poundland?

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