Burberry Kisses Lipstick No. 5 Nude Pink

If you have a Twitter account, I would be very surprised if you haven’t heard of Burberry Kisses by now. Thanks to a genius marketing ploy to raise brand awareness, everyone has been talking about this product for the past several weeks. Basically to get a free sample of the lipstick you had to be nominated by one of your friends, then when you have been nominated you can then nominate 5 of your own friends to receive one, and so on. A fantastic idea if I do say so myself!

Burberry Kisses Lipstick No. 5 Nude Pink

There were four shades you could pick from, and I chose Nude Pink. For a 1g sample, this lipstick is actually really well presented. The packaging has an elegant nickel finish with a magnetic lid (not pictured) and is generally quite sturdy. The lipstick itself has an eye catching engraved check pattern, identical to that of the lid, on the sides and a slanted tip. Given that this is just a sample, it’s quite small and very lightweight.

Burberry Kisses Lipstick No. 5 Nude Pink Swatch

Burberry Kisses Lipstick No. 5 Nude Pink Lips

It’s a buildable lipstick (try it on), allowing you to create sheer to opaque coverage in a few easy swipes. It claims to provide 6 hours wear time before slowing starting to fade, however personally I found it to wear off quite quickly especially after I had eaten. This product definitely deserves praise for how moisturising it is, and how it doesn’t really hold any strong scents which is quite refreshing. Nude Pink is quite a similar shade to my actual lip colour, however I love it because it brightens up my face a little and pulls off a “no makeup, makeup look”. It sits comfortably on my lips and feels more like a tinted balm if anything!

So, my verdict? I think this is a gorgeous shade that suits perfectly with my pink hair, however I wouldn’t pay £25 for a full sized tube. For such a nude shade I believe you could easily find a dupe for this at a much cheaper price, however I do appreciate Burberry sending me a sample. Burberry Kisses are available in 28 shades, and you can view the range here.



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