Christmas Gifts With John Lewis

Christmas Gifts With John Lewis | Charbonnel et Walker milk chocolate thins with sea salt

Christmas Gifts With John Lewis | Articulate

Christmas Gifts With John Lewis | Knit Your Own Mini Stockings Kit

Christmas Gifts With John Lewis | Lily Flame's Merry Christmas Candle Man On The Moon China Mug

Christmas seems to pass by in the blink of an eye, so more often than not I always find that in January you really get the time and space to breathe, to appreciate the family time you’ve had, and also get a chance to indulge in the gifts you received.

John Lewis in particular had a fabulous range this year, both in store and online. If you’re a foodie, there’s so much to choose from gift wise, including the Charbonnel et Walker milk chocolate thins with sea salt. In all honesty I’m impressed that they have lasted this long, it’s a rarity when it comes to myself and chocolate! These thins are just something else though, and are a perfect treat to tuck into every now and then. You’ll also probably recognise the design on the mug from the man on the moon tv advert, featuring a colourful cluster of balloons against a starry night sky. What makes this china mug even more thoughtful is that John Lewis actually partnered up with Age UK, so that 25% of each purchase is donated. There are still so many Christmas goodies left available online to buy, so grab them before they’re gone!

For those who love to be more creative, there’s a great selection of craft kits from knitting your own stockings kit to sewing your own garland. They’re simple and practical to do, and surprisingly therapeutic! Another hands on item is Articulate, a fast thinking description game, and since this version is a mini game it’s perfect for family gatherings since it wouldn’t be really long winded.

I’ve only recently started getting into candles, and touch wood I won’t be setting fire to the house any time soon! So I was very pleased when my nose got a scent of Lily Flame’s Merry Christmas candle, infused with winter spices and fresh ginger. Although we’re into January, I’m still burning the last of my festive scents, so this candle fits in perfectly with the rest of my current candle collection.

December may be over, but I’m still holding onto the last few festivities! Surely I’m not the only one still wearing their Christmas pjs, right?!



All products mentioned were provided courtesy of John Lewis 

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