Create A Little Love

Love is in the air, and with Valentine’s Day right on your doorstep, I’m going to show some creativeness! So, what does ‘love’ mean to me?

Love means a lot of things to me, so I found it hard to pick just one thing to use as representation. First of all, gaming means a lot to me. My boyfriend and I spend most of our time on PC/console games, and this is only a small selection of games I own that I’ve used to create an ‘L’. These are my favourite 3DS games, and they remind me of quality time well spent with him!

For the ‘O’, I used a few Barry M nail polishes (again, I own a ridiculous amount). This symbolises my love for my beauty blog, and how much I enjoy writing and hope my readers love to read my posts too. It reminds me of how much effort and dedication I have put into this blog to keep it going.

I used midi-rings to form a ‘V’, which not only shows my passion for fashion, but I believe rings show a promise to be kept (most commonly in the form of promise rings, engagement rings and wedding rings). The circular ring shows that love is infinite.

For the last image, I was dying to bake something such as cookies or cupcakes for Valentine’s Day, however due to being ill for the past few days I was unable to do this. Instead I have a perfect substitution, and that is Domino’s pizza (I hacked at a slice to create some sort of ‘E’). Now if you know me well enough, you know my love for pizza is great. I would like to think my life is an eternal pizza party! I’m a lover of all delicious food (namely junk food), and if you want to win my heart, you know what to get me!

What does ‘love’ mean to you?

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