Date Night

Pizza Express Dough Balls Starter

Pizza Express Margherita Pizza Main

Pizza Express Chocolate Fudge Cake Dessert

Pizza Express Chocolate Glory Dessert

Pizza Express Chocolate Glory Dessert

New Look Nude Crystal Babydoll Top

Last night Josh and I went on a spontaneous date to Pizza Express, and I practically had to be rolled out after managing to eat so much. The waitress was super lovely and friendly, and for the main part of the meal it was just us that were in the restaurant. The food was so good, for dessert I had a chocolate glory and Josh had the chocolate fudge cake which I insisted on taking a photo of, it just looks amazing!

I didn’t have time to grab photos of my outfit before I left, but managed to take one when I returned (instagram photo), but you can’t really see the beautiful gem detailing (babydoll top is from New Look) so I included it on here – and a shameless selfie.

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