Easter Treats

Chocolate Easter Nests Crispie Cakes Mini Eggs

Happy Easter my little munchkins! I thought today I would write a post about all the lovely things I like about Easter. Growing up in a catholic primary school, I obviously learned about the religious side of it, however to me Easter Sunday also just makes me think of mini eggs and yummy chocolate eggs!

My favourite baking recipe to make is Easter nests, which although don’t use cornflakes like most people do, it’s just a norm to use rice crispies in my family! They’re super easy to make, just mix melted chocolate together with the crispies and throw some mini eggs on top. Okay, I say easy, but admittedly I burned the chocolate first time around making these! Just keep an eye on the heat while melting it, and you’ll be fine.

Thorntons Chocolate Easter Egg African Pygmy Hedgehog

Another Easter love of mine are the actual chocolate eggs, I think ones that have designs on them are just adorable. In fact take any animal and make it out of chocolate, and I’ll most likely buy it! Take the Lindt bunny for example, Easter just wouldn’t be Easter if I didn’t see them around in shops at the time!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite thing about Easter is, and I hope you all have a lovely day! Is anyone else craving chocolate now, or is that just me?



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