Eat Me: Pizza Hut

This is possibly the first of a series called “Eat Me” (sound familiar?!), where I will be giving my reviews of restaurants and general dining out places.

On this occasion I visited Pizza Hut on Monday with my boyfriend after my work shift, and also recruited one of my flatmates. On arrival we were greeted almost immediately and shown to a seating area – one that was out of the way as personally I dislike sitting in the middle. It feels like you’re in the spotlight, and others are free to stare at you if you get what I mean? Anyway once shown to our seating, we presented our two Paddy’s Presents envelopes, and we were shocked beyond belief when we were told we had won a free dessert and a Samsung camera! We were all quite pleased with ourselves as you can imagine, and so ordered the “happy hour” offer, and I also ordered baked cheesy triangles as an extra side. The waitress was really friendly and bubbly – about my own age I would say (20ish), and we all had a quick natter about things we had in common.

We ordered drinks, and being a plain Jane I just asked for water with ice. The drinks arrived first, however the water was warm which wasn’t very pleasant. We were also given salad bowls, though the third bowl still had some sort of salad dressing on it, but this didn’t bother me too much as I don’t get salad when at Pizza Hut anyway, though it would have been nice if it was clean in case I had wanted to use it. I perked up when the cheesy triangles came along as these were so delicious, as always! Along came our Happy Hour sides – seasoned potato wedges for the guys and garlic bread for myself. The garlic bread looked perfectly fine, however on inspection once eating it, I realised the underside to it was a little burned so I couldn’t eat all of it. Next the main arrived – pizza! Delicious. I had a margarita pizza (as I am a vegetarian), and enjoyed it, however not as much as previous visits. This is because I found the pizza too doughy, and I couldn’t taste the topping as much as usual – very bland!

Once we were all fed and full we were ready to order, however our waitress had disappeared! There was no sign of her anywhere in the room. An elderly couple next to us who the waitress had also been serving grew tired of waiting for her to return, so got up and walked directly next to the till and waited for someone to realise they wanted to pay and leave. I wanted to wait for the waitress to approach us first (I can’t help being polite!) and eventually after about 10/15 minutes she did, however proceeded to ask if we were finished without offering an explanation or apology as to why we had been kept waiting. The bill was reasonable, bar the cheesy triangles which cost £3.95! A silly amount when the Happy Hour only cost £6 which included a drink, side and main.

Although after an unfortunate experience at pizza hut this time, (and paying a ridiculous amount for just a few cheesy triangles), I can honestly say it won’t deter me to visit again. I love the atmosphere at Pizza Hut, and when sitting in the right seating area, I can thoroughly enjoy myself and the staff are always so friendly and recognise us, (we go a lot!).

If you would like to hear more about my restaurant experiences, feel free to comment below!

Frankie x

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