Fake Bake ‘The Face’ Launch

After trying out Cocoa Brown’s 1 Hour Tan Mousse, I’m really getting into fake tan now whereas before I was too afraid to try it, and so I was really eager to hear more about Fake Bake’s new product ‘The Face’*. In the past I have tried standing sunbeds and attempting to tan in the natural sunlight (either seeing no results or sun burn) so I can definitely see how using fake tan is so much safer, and looks great if it resembles a natural tan – no one will ever know!

Fake Bake The Face Bottle 2014 March Launch

Fake Bake has recently launched a new DD (dynamic duo) cream product called ‘The Face’. Dynamic Duo is the newest form of double-action skin care. It promises to stimulate skin cells to produce collagen whilst hydrating your skin and helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles whilst also leaving you with a gorgeous sun kissed glow. Fake Bake have been known for great fake tanning products for a while now that leaves you with a natural looking tan, and this time they have improved the product giving it amazing extra benefits.

Fake Bake The Face Bottle 2014 March Launch

As soon as I opened the bottle, it instantly reminded me of chocolate even in the smell! I tend to use ‘The Face’ before I go to bed, and then in the morning rinse my face with warm water. It can be reapplied during the day as makeup, and you continue using it until you get your desired tan. I wake up with a subtle yet bronzed skin which is perfect for me.

Fake Bake The Face Swatch 2014 March Launch

It is not streaky or has an orange appearance; although I find it best to blend the product straight away else it can stain the spot where first applied if left for too long (as I found out after doing the swatch above). I find ‘The Face’ to be very hydrating and it leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft without an oily residue. It does not however contain any SPF, so basically just stay safe in the sun when using it!

Fake Bake The Face Bottle 2014 March Launch

Fake Bake ‘The Face’ will be launching exclusively to M&S on the 31st of March and retailing at £22.00.

Will you be dashing out to try Fake Bake’s new DD cream?

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