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Have you heard about Graze snack boxes? If you haven’t, I’m about to introduce you to what might be a gamer-changer to snacking. Graze was started by 7 friends with a passion for food who wanted to get more out of their snacking, and six years on they’re still creating inventive new snacks for us to try!

Free Graze Box

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You can choose from over 100 tasty treats to customize your hand-picked snack box that will then be delivered right to your home or work with free delivery.

By accessing this blog post, you can get your very own Graze box for free (for new customers only) by clicking here with the option to continue or cancel your subscription after you’ve had the chance to taste some of the delicious goodies! If you do decide to carry on with your subscription, you’ll also get your fifth box for free!

The snack box is completely personalised and hand-picked by you from the huge variety of tasty nibbles available. I know quite a few people that buy Graze box regularly and I also have had the chance before to try one which was so yummy. I’m a really picky vegetarian, but they even managed to cater for me – I recommend the flapjacks!

Free Graze Box

The guys in the kitchen pick your foods based on your ratings. When you first sign up, everything in the Graze range will be marked as ‘try’, so it’s really important that you go through the range and let them know what you ‘like’ or ‘love’, and ‘bin’ anything you don’t want to receive. You can change your ratings at any time, and it’s good to rate each of the foods once you’ve received a box, so they can make sure they always send you your favourites.

The packaging itself is really cute, as each snack comes in its own section and sealed to keep the food fresh. It’s a really cute and inventive way to present the snacks, I love it! Graze is recognised by the NHS as supporting the 5-a-day scheme, with up to four portions available in each box (and they can also fit through a letterbox which is pretty clever!).

Free Graze Box

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Have you tried Graze before? Let me know what your favourite snacks are in the comments!

-Please note that for each snack box bought from this page I earn a small commission-

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