Halloween ’13: Bloggoween


It’s coming up to that time of year again where Halloween is just around the corner. Every year I always make the effort to dress up and decorate the house, and I probably enjoy it more than kids do. So what do I plan on doing for Halloween ’13?

This year my flat is throwing a Halloween party, which is pretty exciting. We’ll all be dressing up, eating spooky food and blasting out a bit of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”! I will be doing a follow up post after the party to tell you how it went. So for now, I just want to give you a few ideas if you are looking for a bit of inspiration to host a Halloween party.

So lets start with food ideas to begin with. Why not do a spot of baking and whip up some puff pastry mummies, finger biscuits or spooky Halloween cupcakes? Just about anything can be turned into something Halloween themed, even if it’s just serving it on a themed plate with napkins. Don’t forget to carve some pumpkins and pop a tea light inside to really bring it to life.


One of the more healthy ideas is to chop a banana in half, and add chocolate drops for a mouth and smaller chocolate drops for the eyes.

As for decorations these can be found almost anywhere, for example, in Poundland, there is everything from ghostly cups and plates to glow in the dark skeleton and window decorations. The best thing is that everything is just a pound!

Now for my favourite part, dressing up. Costumes are available for all age ranges and genders, couples costumes and even ones for pets! Costumes can be bought online or in a store, or even hand made with a bit of old fashion DIY. Always try to make an effort to join in and dress up if you’re going to a Halloween party, no body wants a party pooper!

For girls, typically the easiest thing to throw on for a fancy dress party is a cat costume (from what I’ve experienced: black dress and ears is not just simple, but super easy). There are also many other fancy dress options to choose from if you have limited money to spend, or have left it too late. It doesn’t mean you have to splash out but you’re still getting involved. However if you do have money to spare, go all out on a costume that suits your personality, or a character you love!

Some great brands/websites to look at is Smiffy’s, Jokers’ Masquerade and Escapade. For homemade Halloween costumes, check out Pinterest for some great ideas!

Don’t be afraid to just be silly and have a good time.

The hardest thing for me to do at Halloween is actually decide on a costume, as I have a whole box full of them! From Alice in Wonderland (as shown above) to burlesque (Moulin Rouge), Sailor, Angel & Devil, Nurse Joy (Pokemon) and various other costumes. As you can probably tell, I love Halloween.

The easiest way to create a scary makeup look (if you don’t already have the tools required), is to grab a set with all the face paint included, and these hardly cost much at all. These can be found at money saving shops such as Poundland, 99p store etc. and even places like ASDA.

The obvious colour choice for Halloween themed nails is black. However if you have the time and patience, you could notch it up a bit by painting ghosts/spiderwebs etc. Or if you don’t think you could achieve this, have a look online to find nail stickers, or even using a nail crackle effect polish which would look good.


Hope this post has given you a few ideas to help you, and Happy Halloween!

Frankie x

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