Halloween Away From Home

So we’ve just past October, and it’s already November! The time is just flying by, and I hope you have all had a lovely time for both Halloween and Bonfire Night. For me and my flatmates, we decorated the flat head to toe (admittedly the decorations are still up!), but this is ordinary to me as I’ve done Halloween ever since I was little:

Yupp that’s me. My first Halloween aged 1, dressed in a pumpkin costume! Although I don’t look impressed, I soon warmed up, and have celebrated Halloween every year since. This year I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland, so I guess some things never change.

This year, even though on a tight budget, it was still just as fun! We had music, lights, decorations, (vegetarian) vodka jelly and even did a little ‘trick or treating around the other apartments. Here are a few Instagram photos from the night:

Happy Belated Halloween!

Frankie x

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