How To: Fix Creasing Eyeshadow

There are many moments where beauty can be frustrating, such as applying your eye makeup perfectly, only to have it crease minutes later. Here are a few tips to prevent this beauty tragedy from happening.

Apply the proper eyeshadow base on the eyelid before your shadow application. You will want to use a base that prevents the oil product on your eyelid from interfering with the shadow, and stopping it from sliding around. Some bases are specifically designed so it doesn’t allow oil to seep through them, preventing creasing. If you’re unsure what eyeshadow base to use, check out Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Primer.

Use the right tools
For the crease, try a small, flat and firm brush to create an “expert” application and finish to a cut create look. For blending, I would recommend a small tapered brush such as NARS Small Dome Eye Brush.

Apply like a pro
Start with a medium toned eyeshadow and apply it on the eyelid from the lash line to the crease, and along the lower lash line. Then create a sharp crease using a precision brush and the darkest shade. Follow the shape of your natural crease making a single line of colour ending just before your upper lash line.

Now blend the line upward towards your eyebrow, blending and diffusing but maintaining the weight of the line in the crease. Then highlight just under the brow bone using the lightest shade, and line both the upper and lower lash line with the dark crease shadow. Finish the look with a few generous coats of mascara.

If you are in need of a quick-fix now, take a clean finger and smooth out the creased shadow. However be aware that it will crease again so just be aware of it, and smooth it out from time to time when you need to. This can also be done without a mirror, just close your eye and smooth it over. You could even pull out a brush and shadow and apply more, although this will also crease later so don’t rely on this, as the finger trick works just fine.

Have you ever had problems with creasing eyeshadow?

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