I’m Still Here!

Just an update to let you know that I am still alive! It has been a crazy two weeks to say the least, and have only had the time to sit down and just breathe until now. I have now started University studying Computer Information Systems, and it’s been amazing so far. I love the course, friends I’ve made and also my new flatmates, who I get along so well with!

Pre-UV Party Photo

So, what have I been up to? I’ll try to give you a brief overview of the last fortnight. Well as you can obviously tell from the photo, I went and dyed my hair pink again! My last work shift is on Saturday, and I already know it will be quite emotional as I’ve met so many amazing people over the past two years while working there. I do however have a new job lined up, which is in the same city as my Uni, so will be so much easier to go to, rather than travelling home for each shift.

During freshers week I went to so many events, and went out every night which was just crazy! The first night was the welcome party in which everyone was given a t-shirt to fill in, and we went round signing others’ which was fun. There was a UV paint party which was simply amazing, and I’m so glad I had planned my outfit for that, as my clothes got completely trashed. I went to a foam party which was just out of control, but due to my height/asthma I just couldn’t stay for very long, in fear of drowning in the foam! Just like any University, there was a freshers fair. We picked up so many leaflets and freebies, but more importantly, free pizza! I also joined various societies; Harry Potter, Computing, Disney, Gaming, Irish and UNICEF. A vintage fair was brought to us, and just going round and having a look at the funky selection of clothes and jewellery was fab.

I thought I had managed to get through freshers without catching freshers flu, however a few days ago it hit me. This is why I have time to write this post, because I’ve just had to give in and relax for a bit (hoping I will get better soon). I’m currently home for the weekend, and in all honestly I missed my brothers a fair bit! It’s nice to have family to look after you when you’re ill (aka hot meals brought to you in bed!). I’ll be heading back early next week, and can’t wait to jump straight back into student life. I have also applied to be course rep which is quite exciting, and voting takes place next week, so fingers crossed! Going to University was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I have no regrets.

Once I’m feeling better and am back into a routine, I hope I will be able to post more frequently, however apologies for the lack of posts recently. I’d love to know what kind of things you want me to post about, whether it be more beauty related or about University and life updates?

Thankyou for reading, I appreciate each and every view!

Frankie x

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