Indulge Yourself

In winter the cold really gets to you, so around the Christmas holidays I would nip across to Costa on my work break to grab a hot drink – which luckily was just across the road. It has to be said that my favorite hot chocolate is that from Costa, and despite the price, I did find myself going a lot. So what could be better than a cup of lovely hot chocolate you ask? Well, on one trip I found myself with a bag of maltesers, and thought I’d pop a few into my drink just to see if they would sink of float (being silly with my boyfriend).

costa hot chocolate maltesers glass cup
*photo courtesy of Josh*

Apparently we’re experts with coming up with something new! It was delicious how the chocolate around the malteser had melted by the hot drink, and it tasted simply divine. It made the hot chocolate just that much better, and I can’t wait to go back with a pack of maltesers in tow.

So go ahead, try this out and indulge yourself.

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