Review: Ion Colour Flash Hot Pink

Earlier this year I dyed my hair a candyfloss pink using Crazy Color. This hair dye however, because it was already a pastel looking colour, lasted about a week tops. It was really easy to apply as the consistency was quite thick, and the cream conditions while it’s processing so I found the longer I left it on, the better my hair felt after! This dye as I said is like a pastel colour, and I ideally wanted a brighter pink, so about a month ago I stopped by Sally’s and found Ion Colour Flash on a 3 for 2, so I grabbed my chosen semi-permanent colour (Hot Pink) and also a few hair slides to make it easier to section my hair and apply.

I always ask my brothers or a friend to help me when dying the back of my head as you can’t always see if you’ve missed a spot, better safe than sorry! As the dye is super bright, it did dye my neck but this can be removed with a face wipe and a little rubbing! Your forehead can be protected if you apply a little Vaseline around the edges of your face. It took a little while to make sure each strand was covered as my hair is long, and in total the dye was left in my hair for an hour or so. The bottle states to leave it in for 5 to 20 minutes but for me personally, this is not long enough. I am not advising you to leave it in for longer than the bottle states, unless you know what you’re doing! I then rinsed my hair in the shower (looked like a blood bath!) and as soon as I dried it, I instantly fell in love with the colour.

Amazingly this colour lasted for longer than a month and even now my hair is slightly tinted pink! I absolutely love this colour and plan to redye it again once I’m at University and have secured myself a job!



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