It’s Been A While

Hey guys! Miss me?

It’s been a while, almost three months to be exact. Although I’ve still been active on Twitter, I haven’t really found the time or space for blogging recently. I wanted to get back into it sooner, but I seemed to have a mental block, and the longer I put it off the worse it got – what do I write about? what do I say? The blogosphere has changed so much over the years, gone are the blurry mobile images, and in with the shot to perfection photography. I think it’s brilliant how far blogging has come and the general standard of posts that people are producing, but sometimes it can be hard to live up to that style, let alone maintain it. The thing is, I want to strive for that kind of quality, and I would like to think we have a good thing going here!

African Pygmy Hedgehog

I’m beginning to become more creative, and I have so many ideas for editing, styling, etc, I just need the content to work with now. I think I can finally achieve that now that I’ve moved out into a place of my own (and not the temporary move-out I did at University, I mean officially moved-out-living-with-a-boy thing). That leads me onto my next big news, you may have seen me mention it on social media, and that is that I’m engaged! Josh and I couldn’t be happier, and I wanted to thank you all again for all the well-wishes.

A photo posted by Frankie CH (@crazyblondegal) on Jul 6, 2016 at 3:38pm PDT

I still remember when we met (this photo is actually from then!), it was the first day of University after we had spent the whole summer chatting non-stop on Skype. He practically moved into my flat in first year, and we’ve been inseparable since. Josh is my best friend, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our life together. Lucky him! *wink wink*

We’ve been living in our flat for a little over a month, and we’re just getting around to unpacking the very last few things. I’m itching to start setting up a little corner specifically for blogging, but I should probably finish unpacking and build all the furniture first! I’m pretty much a flat-pack pro now, I think I’ll add that to my CV. Let’s just ignore the fact I did then proceed to drop the desk on my foot once I had put it together…

I could babble on for hours about what I’ve been up to for the past few months, but I won’t put you through that! All I wanted to say was thank you to those that have stuck around despite my little break, and that there will be new blog posts coming your way soon.



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