Life At Twenty!

Hello! I’m twenty now! That means I can no longer put off my immature behaviour down to being a teenager anymore. It’s been a rollercoaster so far, and for all I know I’ve still got so much left to come!

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I thought today I’d write a post of how I got to where I am now, and the lovely people that have helped me to get what I’ve wanted from life. I’m about to go onto my second year of University – the end of education is in sight! Although I haven’t enjoyed the lectures, seminars and workshops, the lovely people I have met have made it worthwhile. I’m even living with 4 of my current flatmates next year in a house we all picked together. Although I would like to say I will be free of all the students shouting and well – being students – at 3am, I’m living next to a nightclub which is open almost every night of the week! On the plus side, free entry. On the downside, unconscious drunks on the doorstep every morning.

Sadly my time before University wasn’t all that great. Years ago I was going through a bout of depression where I slowly began to isolate myself from the rest of the world. At the time I had a close-knit friendship group and they realised that something was wrong. I was never confronted about the fears over myself but instead sprung with a much unwanted counsellor meeting that they arranged for me. I thought they would be understanding but rather they set up an appointment without my knowing, not confronting me or even asking if it was okay. I also later discovered they had set up a Facebook group chat just to discuss my issues. It was so wrong, and I just shut myself out from my friends.

The months went by in a bit of a blur from here as I had no one to turn to, I had backlash from people who I once knew who didn’t even want to know my version of the story. Even on my last day in Year 12, a tweet went out revelling in the fact that I had left. The girls I once used to call friends thought they were helping turned on me then publicly insulted me online. I don’t feel bitter about what happened. I’ve grown up and done everything I wanted to do so far – and there are still so many goals I want to reach in the future.

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For my first summer in the 20’s and to celebrate the end of my first year at University, I’m treating myself to as many bloggers meets as I can go to. In August I’ll be travelling to Bristol to see my partner in crime, watch Russell Howard live, and get buried in 4 storeys worth of clothes in the massive Primark there!

Who knows where I’ll be in the next 10 years before I reach the dreaded 30’s, but I hope I’ll be doing something I enjoy (and get paid for it too!), as well as surrounding myself with people that I care for (also, cats).

Thank-you for sticking with me and my blog over the past year, you are wonderful and interesting people, and I hope one day to see you at a meet 😉

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