Lush Mask Of Magnaminty Face Mask

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty Face Mask Pot

I’ve had this mask for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. You can use this mask anywhere – face, back, chest etc. There’s mineral rich, cleansing and absorbing kaolin to nourish, honey for its antibacterial properties, and peppermint oil to stimulate the blood cells just under the surface of your skin so that this mask leaves your skin looking bright and refreshed.

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty Face Mask Pot

When applying, the peppermint smell is really strong and also makes my face tingle, leaving it feel so smooth. It also helps reduce my spots and helps cool any blemishes, sort of like the old craze of putting toothpaste on spots (did anyone else try that or just me?!), except this mask doesn’t irritate them at all. This mask doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge, which is great because else I’d forget about it. Also because I may have left it by the radiator one time… oops… but I can officially say its radiator proof too!

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty Face Mask Pot

Although resembling a lot like Shrek when applied (as Josh nicknamed me), this is my current favourite face mask. It can last ages, it just depends where and how much you want to apply (though keep on your face for no longer than 15 minutes else it’ll dry it out like mad). I was also so happy to find I’d received a mini version of Mask of Magnaminty in my goodie bag from the #NottsBloggerMeet, I’m a lucky girl!

Have you used Mask of Magnaminty yet?

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