Lush | Sugar Scrub

Lush Sugar Scrub Dome

I saw this Sugar Scrub product in Lush and was really intrigued by it, as I don’t really tend to use scrubs. I used the flat side to massage onto my damp skin, and made sure I kept the dome shaped side away from any water as this helped to maintain the product’s shape. The scrub is made up of sugar, grated ginger, lavender oil and fresh fennel, all of which help to liven up tired skin and helps dry patches and uneven skin. Although this product has a very faint scent, it’s definitely the fennel that makes the biggest impression. As for storage, I need to find some sort of small plastic box to keep the scrub in the bathroom without letting any moisture get to it.

Lush Sugar Scrub Flat Side

When I first used this, I could instantly feel how soft my skin had become. The Sugar Scrub exfoliates the skin without leaving that slightly greasy feeling afterwards. As the scent is very faint, this also means that it won’t mask any lotions or perfume that you choose to put on afterwards.

Although it’s a pain to store the Sugar Scrub without getting it wet, it’s a product that I’ll most likely purchase again as it does exactly what it says on the tin, and my skin feels much smoother. A big thumbs up from me!

What is your favourite scrub?

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