Lush | Think Pink Bath Bomb

Yet another Lush review! I was given the Think Pink* bath bomb as a freebie at the counter after I purchased a mini haul, because it was a little battered (the flowers are missing) – however it still worked perfectly!

The photo above shows where the flowers should have been. Now at first glance, I thought this was just a normal bath bomb which would simply turn the bath water pink and nothing more. Oh how I was wrong.

Think Pink is a very similar bath bomb to the Fluffy Egg from the Easter range, however Think Pink offers a little extra with these gorgeous pink confetti hearts. I wasn’t expecting it at all so it was a lovely surprise!

The scent isn’t over powering and has undertones of tonka and vanilla, although I didn’t feel the smell lasted for very long. Lush’s Think Pink bath bomb did not irritate my skin or stain the bath, but to be honest I’ve never experienced this with any of their bath bombs! If you don’t like the idea of bits floating around in your bath – do not fear! After the bath bomb quickly fizzes, the confetti hearts then fall to the bottom of the bath.

Overall, it really cheered up my mood and made me smile. What do you think of Think Pink?

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