Lylia Rose Accessories Haul

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve only just got around to writing up this post! Lylia Rose provides affordable, fun and quirky accessories, that are always on trend and quite simply gorgeous! Over the past few weeks I managed to get my hands on a few goodies (either bought myself or won in a giveaway), and I couldn’t be happier with them!

Lylia Rose Jewellery Accessories Necklace

There are always new accessories every time I go back to the Lylia Rose site, so I cannot quote exactly how much these were or even the link as they’re not there anymore! This necklace* features a really cute bow and floral detail in the centre, that would give a feminine touch to any outfit.

Lylia Rose Jewellery Accessories Necklace Fox

Isn’t this fox pendant* the most super cute thing you’ve ever seen?! I love the gold detailing to match the chain, and the expression is really sweet (and the teeny pants!).

Lylia Rose Jewellery Accessories Necklace Key

I don’t have many pendants, so this one is a really sweet addition. Attached to the large key is a smaller one and both have a pretty flower design – as if one fits into the other! Really simple, but lovely.

Lylia Rose Jewellery Accessories Earrings Triangle Geometric

When I saw these online I knew I just had to get them! These geometric earrings are really funky and I love the colour combinations. The gold detail adds a pop of colour to a plain outfit, and the triangle design is really interesting!

Lylia Rose Jewellery Accessories Earrings Cherries

When I was younger I remember everyone having really cute studs, usually cherries. These were half price at the time, and they’re so cute! They look gorgeous when the light shines on them.

Lylia Rose Jewellery Accessories Ring Flower Cluster

This pretty flower cluster ring* was the main giveaway feature (the winner got to pick what accessory they wanted) however I wasn’t expecting a few other items that were sent to me as well so I’m very grateful! The other gifts that I received are part of this post and are marked with an asterix.

Lylia Rose Jewellery Accessories Rings Cat

Here’s where my crazy cat lady side comes out, I couldn’t not put these cute cat rings in my shopping basket, right? They’re so adorable that I got them in both colours!

Which accessory is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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