Make Your Winter Warmer

Flowers Roses Colourful

Winter isn’t always my favourite season, with shorter days and a cold breeze that can chill you down to your bones. It would just be so typical that during this time, our boiler has actually been broken for about a month now, so I have to find other ways of warming myself up and staying positive!

Aero Hot Chocolate Bourbons Purple Mug

An obvious way to warm yourself up in Winter is hot chocolate. When it comes to hot chocolate, I like my plain and simple. No cream, no marshmallows, just my favourite hot chocolate and a mug. I’m a sucker for Costa, but for the days where I’m feeling a bit skint or stuck at home, I like to opt for Aero hot chocolate and sip on it wearing some super fluffy socks (such as the ones I was given for Christmas).

Flowers Roses Colourful

Flowers can instantly brighten up a home, and gives off a spring vibe (even if it’s still a little nippy!). I placed these roses, courtesy of Floric, in the dining room so that the whole family can enjoy them. Since I live in a village, getting hold of a decent bouquet of flowers can be difficult, whereas these were delivered straight to my door which was perfect. I’ve never had flowers sent to me before, but I could tell from the pretty packaging and extra details to keep them fresh, that they had been handled with lots of care. A few days after the photo above was taken, and the all flowers opened up beautifully.

If all else fails, grab your pet for warmth! My cat likes to curl up on my face, which although is pretty weird, it is like having my own personal heater! Let me know in the comments what you enjoy doing on cold days to warm yourself up!

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