Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick In Luscious

Makeup Revolution Luscious Lipstick

If you haven’t heard of Makeup Revolution, you can read what they’re all about on my previous blog post. I’ve ordered once (so far!) from MR but got a bit carried away and ordered nine lipsticks. At £1 each I just couldn’t help myself, but instead of bombarding you with them all at once, I’m going to start off with the gorgeous shade that is Luscious.

Makeup Revolution Luscious Lipstick

Makeup Revolution Luscious Lipstick

The packaging is really sleek but sadly it is a little flimsy and the lid often comes off in my makeup bag more than I’d like it to. Apart from the lid issues (to be fair they are £1), I think it looks like it costs more than just a pound especially with the gold writing. For this price you can’t go wrong, and I’m glad I purchased a wide range to have a play with.

Makeup Revolution Luscious Lipstick Swatch

Makeup Revolution Luscious Lipstick Crazyblondegal

Luscious is a cute peach/pink coral which can be worn as light flash of colour, or built up to be a little bolder. This is quite easily a perfect every day colour for me – especially as it matches my hair colour so lovely. I’ve never really been a fan of lipsticks before, however now that I have lots to experiment with, Makeup Revolution has swayed me to lippie land.

What do you think to Luscious? Let me know you thoughts in the comments!

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