My Beauty Mistakes

My Beauty Mistakes Lipstick Application

Waxing Faux Pas 

One day I found my mum’s upper lip wax strips, and I thought what a great idea it would be to try them out for myself! Since I have really fine, blonde hair, you can hardly see the peach fuzz on my face, but for some reason foundation seems to emphasise it. So I decided I would get rid of it completely. I ended up ripping off the skin on and above my lip, and had to walk around for two weeks with what looked like a vicious cold sore. Super embarrassing, and super painful!


Eyebrows + tweezers = need I say more? I’m still waiting for my little babies to grow out properly!

Popping Heaven

As gross as it may sound, and even though it can scar, I cannot help but be tempted to squeeze every blemish I see. You know it’s bad when you start to want to do it to other people too!

Ear Buds?

I only found out a few weeks ago that apparently you shouldn’t use cotton buds for your ears? I guess I won’t be calling them ear buds anymore! (but it won’t stop me from using them)

The Fringe

Rewind several years back to secondary school, I remember one day I thought it would be genius to only apply makeup to my face that was on show so leaving the area under my fringe bare. By doing this it means I am making my makeup stash last longer, right? I can only laugh looking back at how I had to hold down my fringe as there was a breeze, to stop anyone from noticing!

So there we have it, I’m all confessed out now! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever had any beauty mishaps – no matter how embarrassing they might be!



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