My Most Used Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

My Most Used Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

Slowly but surely my makeup brush collection has grown, thanks to the affordable brand that is Real Techniques. With a brush to suit every need, it’s no wonder I seem to own more brushes than there are days of the week! I’ve been using Real Techniques brushes for several years now, and I can’t get enough of them. I also love that the brushes are colour coded, so for example, gold is for flawless base, purple for enhanced eyes, and pink for a perfect finish. Since my collection keeps mounting up, I wanted to share with you which brushes are my top picks. 

My Most Used Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Expert Face Brush

Starting off with the Expert Face Brush, this is my go-to every time I apply my foundation. It’s super soft and doesn’t leave any brush marks. The bristles are quite compact so it provides a smooth coverage. It applies foundation on flawlessly, and I can’t fault the quality of this particular brush.

My Most Used Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Buffing Brush

The Buffing Brush is a firm favourite of mine, and I use it for a full coverage application of powder to my face, as it ‘locks’ in my makeup in nicely. It is part of the Core Collection Set, however this is the perfect starter kit for base.

My Most Used Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Blush Brush

For applying blusher, I always grab the Blush Brush. It is one of the softest brush you will ever lay your hands upon, and since it is so big and fluffy, it makes application a dream. In one sweep, this brush will help give you perfect rosy cheeks!

My Most Used Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Mini Face Brush

This Mini Face Brush is part of a trio, however I find it is perfect for applying powder underneath my eyes, and for blending out contour powder. Not only can you use it for powder, but you could also use it for applying blush or bronzer on the go as needed. This may be a small brush, but it is very versatile!

My Most Used Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Brow Brush

The Brow Brush has transformed the way my eyebrows look, and is available as part of the Starter Set. I use a powder in a similar shade to my eyebrows, and use this brush to transform them. It just makes them bolder and a bit more shaped, I really do think that a good set of brows can completely change how you look overall (coming from a girl who has spent several years filling them in, so trust me on that!)

My Most Used Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Deluxe Crease Brush

And let’s not forget the Deluxe Crease Brush (also part of the Starter Set). I actually use this brush to apply my contour powder, as it just uses the perfect amount of product and fits perfectly into the shape of my face. I’m still quite new to the whole contouring scene, so this brush allows me to applying a little at a time, building it up to create definition.

All of these brushes are multi-purpose, so you can use them in any way you like! Have you tried any of my favourites?



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