My Week So Far In Photos

My week so far has been that of an average one really. However I did submit my first University assignment and it was such a relief submitting it. It was on a topic I’m not really fussed about, but of course gave it my best. I was up the majority of the night before the deadline day making sure everything was right, and was shattered to say the least. But instead of celebrating when I handed it in… I just slept to my heart’s content, which was aaamazing! Once I was awake we did then have Pizza Hut which was delicious; the cheesy garlic bread is my weakness. While I was chomping away on the pizza, my flat opened our Christmas presents we’d given each other as we had done Secret Santa, and I got this bad boy!

I went to work as I do every week, however nothing interesting really happened there. Actually thinking about it, my life is kind of quiet, but that’s not to say I’m fussed about that. I don’t go out clubbing much anymore like I used to last year, but spend most of my time doing uni work, going to work or gaming. It doesn’t bother me that much as I enjoy these things, especially when I end up hanging out with my flatmates, spending most of the night sat together playing games.

Although as I had been feeling a little homesick, I was very happy to come home on Monday to see my family and pets. Mostly the pets. I always worry the cats don’t get enough attention when I’m gone, as I used to give them the most attention. Now we have a puppy too, I do my best to spread my love and time equally when I’m home! They’re all like my babies.

I also had a parcel arrive, wrapped so prettily I didn’t want to open it, but of course I couldn’t resist. What was it you ask? It was the prizes I had won from Charley’s giveaway for #Bloggoween! She is over at Rambling of a Beauty Blogger where you can find all her lovely DIY, fashion and beauty blog posts. I’m so happy with the prizes, as I love anything purple and these nail polish colours are just beautiful, thank-you Charley!

On Tuesday after settling back in, we all helped put up the tree and decorate it – whilst trying to stop Molly from attacking it too! Mum’s decorated the house so lovely; it looks gorgeous and so Christmassy. Oh, and I also thrashed them all at Monopoly on Tuesday night too. I rule!

It’s now Wednesday and also time for me to head back to my University home in Lincoln. I always hate this part, leaving my mum, brothers and pets, *sniffle*. I’m set to return next Monday though, as it’s my dad’s birthday. He works in India so it’s a joy when he comes back, as we get along so well.

So anyway that’s a little peek into my week, and all these pictures and more are available to view on my Instagram. How’s your week been?

Frankie x

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