#NekNomination vs #RAKnomination

I’m sure you’re all well aware of the recent drinking game that has gone viral, and if you don’t – where have you been?! This game is called NekNominate. I originally posted this on Brit Student, but thought I would share my views with you on here too.


What is NekNominate? It is a drinking game that is particularly popular with students, originally believed to have been started in Australia when a young man downed drinks in an extreme manner and used the hashtag “NekNominate”. Since then people have been doing the same, downing a pint or other form of alcohol. Recently it’s now turned into drinking dirty pints (a drink with lots of different mixtures ranging from spirits to ketchup for example, etc.) The nominated people then have 24 hours to upload their video and nominate their choices, carrying on the trend (in most cases in an attempt to beat the person before you by doing a ‘crazier’ video).

So is it all harmless fun? At first it did seem to be teenagers having a little harmless fun, which all too soon has gone downhill. There has been numerous people throwing up, ruining their lives and bodies, and even a few have died or have been close to death. This game is foolish and although some have laughed when they hear individuals have died from this drinking game, it could make them seriously ill. But rather than just blaming social media, ‘NekNominations’ is driven ultimately by a very negative form of peer pressure. The problem is not technology, it is society. ‘NekNominations’ show we still have a long way to go in developing a healthy societal attitude to the consumption of alcohol.

What if I get nominated? First of all there is no way I would lower myself and take part in this game, however in light of recent events there has been a new twitter hashtag that has been trending. These are #RAKnomination and #NekDonate, which show you how you can make something positive come from this nomination.

RAKnomination means “random acts of kindness” and involves people to do just that, and nominating others to do so. Another similar idea “NekDonate” has also reached Ireland, which is pushing the idea that instead of drinking a pint, that you donate a pint of blood.

To be honest I’d be much more impressed with someone for donating blood or doing a RAKnomination, than joining in with this stupid NekNominate game. This internet fad has caused more damage than good.

Here is a great example of a student turning her nomination into something great! She also adds – “Whatever reason people take part in NekNominate, they have clearly failed to consider the possible consequences; I’m not referring to death here, but more the addition of such videos to your digital footprint, which could be dug up by potential employers (or others) in the future.”

Lots of people are now turning towards RAKnominate (and other forms of donation), which I think is great and will definitely contribute to if I get nominated.

Which would you rather do?

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