Remember Nek Nominations? (If not check it out here) From this, has stemmed RAK Nominations and now “no makeup selfie” nominations. Anyone using social media over the last week can’t fail to have noticed a flurry of photos featuring women with no makeup on.

I’ve got very mixed feelings. I’m all for donating to charity; however I prefer to do this anonymously and by my own choosing. This new trend is very similar to that of NekNominate, in regards to giving the nominees 24 hours to post a picture of them self without makeup on. Talk about pressure, right?

I think raising awareness for any charity is great, and the amount of money raised so far is fantastic, but there are a lot more charities around than just Cancer Research. Though nobody seems to know where the idea came from (although Cancer Research UK have stated it isn’t their campaign), the rule seemed to be that women post their picture and then nominate other female friends to do the same with all posting that the photos were to raise awareness of cancer. If women not wearing makeup is deemed as brave and courageous when held against cancer, it does say quite a bit about society today.

A makeup free selfie doesn’t raise awareness like reading Cancer Research UK’s latest statistics would, and hashtagging doesn’t exactly provide a crash course in checking for lumps. I do think it’s great that young women want to involve themselves in fighting cancer, but in stripping bare to be aware, we seem to resemble going makeup free to breast cancer. A “we’re all in this together” ideology. But there’s a big a difference between breast cancer and a makeup free face.

What matters is that this campaign has generated a huge amount of additional donations to charity. What is tiresome is people using it as an excuse either to post a selfie without feeling too narcissistic, or others who just post a picture of themselves and nothing else, no mention of the donation bit. Of course there are those who donate anonymously, but I don’t know many who don’t speak about their good deeds of donating. It is not enough to do good; one must be seen to be doing good. Point, click, hashtag, share, feel good.

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