NOTD: St. Patrick’s Day Nails With Barry M

This is a super easy way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, especially if you haven’t got lots of time to design something more intricate (personally I’m really busy with University at the moment!). So if you’re after Irish themed nails too, head for the green polish!

I used Barry M all in one as a base coat to prevent staining of the nail. Followed by 2 coats of Barry M Racing Green nail polish which is the most gorgeous of green’s I’ve ever seen. Very “Wizard of Oz”! On my ring fingers I used Barry M nail paint in Gold Glitter. I love using this polish; it kind of reminds me of primary school and using glitter glue!

I didn’t take any photos of my nails as soon as I painted them, as I desperately needed my bed because I was so tired, and by the next morning they had little marks and scratches in the polish! My own fault as I should have let them dry properly first, so these are the morning after (when I’d added another coat of green to cover up the marks). I probably should have used more gold polish too to make it appear more opaque, but although these aren’t perfect, I love them.

For a photo of my nails as soon as they were painted that I took with my phone with flash on (and looking fab!) see here. Hope you have a lovely St. Patrick’s Day! Have you got anything special planned?

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