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Crazyblondegal Primark Haul Fashion Summer 2014

I thought I’d try my hand at YouTube again, but this time I actually gave talking a go. I was so ridiculously nervous that I didn’t say as much as I wanted to about each item, but I’ve filmed more since this video and I’m feeling a lot more relaxed about it. So for now, if you wish to see my far from perfect talky video, I’ve popped it below! I didn’t think to take a picture for the thumbnail, so instead I present you with this super sexy face –

Since buying the Gryffindor top, I’ve found out that they do other houses too so I really want to get my hands on a Ravenclaw one! This top is fairly baggy on me, but it just makes it super comfy. The only thing I don’t like about these kind of Primark tops are the folded over sleeves, they’re just not my thing.

I bought the bandeau (now I know what they’re called!) because I have this gorgeous butterfly print top, except it’s pretty see through and I’m not brave enough to wear a bra underneath alone, however a vest top doesn’t look quite right either. So this pretty lace piece fits the purpose of a bra, but makes it look very pretty and less revealing.

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This is the bag I forgot to mention in the video (featured in an OOTD post), it’s very handy with a smaller pocket on the outside and also another one in the main section. It’s got a gorgeous cut-out feature on the flap and zips to keep the contents secure. I did see a beaauuttiful large brown bag in the store with a similar cut-out design, it was just so pretty but I could tell it would fall apart as soon as you put something heavy in it. Although Primark do have great prices, it’s worth making a note of the quality too.

Have you picked up any goodies from Primark recently?

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