Review: Cocoa Brown Fake Tan Mousse

If you’ve seen pictures of me in my previous posts, or know me in person, then you already know just how pale I am. I guess that’s due to the little bit of Irish in me. So when it comes to fake tan I’ve always been afraid to try it in case I came out looking like a cheesy wotsit. However after looking around, I came into contact with Cocoa Brown. Like I said, I’ve never tried using fake tan before, however I was going to step out of my comfort zone this time. I received a bottle of Cocoa Brown’s 1 Hour Tan Mousse*, that arrived in a bright pink shiny bag. A mitt was also included – pink too!

cocoa brown fake tan bottle

I only left the mousse on for about an hour – still in the mind-set that this could go terribly wrong. In my head I thought I was going to come out looking like Ross from ‘Friends’ – please tell me you’ve seen that episode?!

I also just applied it on my legs just in case I somehow managed to do it wrong. I’ve now had the tan on for a couple of days and I’m really impressed! I now have a lovely glowing colour on my legs. Let me just tell you now, the mousse looks and smells good enough to eat. There was no horrible fake tan smell, and it was so easy to apply. Really quick, easy and not at all messy!

cocoa brown fake tan bottle

The mitt made the application even and fast, with its foamy texture it sinks straight into the skin allowing more layers to applied easily. The tan continues to develop until you wash it off (this can be up to 3 hours!), which is fantastic as it means it doesn’t fade quickly. Nothing comes off on my bedding at night while I’m sleeping which is obviously a good thing!

cocoa brown fake tan legs
Before: My normal pale legs

cocoa brown fake tan legs
During: With Cocoa Brown mousse on

cocoa brown fake tan legs
After: My new glowing legs!

Admittedly after seeing the fantastic results on my legs, I then continued to apply some to my arms and chest – which also came out perfectly. I’d be really happy to use this again, and that’s something coming from a girl who isn’t a fan of fake tan. Cocoa Brown fake tan is available at Feel Unique for £7.99, and I really recommend you give it a go!

Have you tried Cocoa Brown before?

Frankie x

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