Review: Grabble

I have quite possibly made one of the best discoveries ever in my time of being a blogger, and that is ‘Grabble’. Grabble is a community curated social fashion platform. It allows users to add a ‘Grab’ button to their bookmarks bar, so you can ‘Grab’ a product on a website that gets saved onto Grabble (a similar concept to Polyvore). But this is better than Polyvore, as there’s no fiddling around with placing products on a board, as one is created for you. To be honest I never really got the hang of Polyvore anyway.

Grabble collection border

Everything you Grab gets pulled into the community and can be seen by other users looking for inspiration. Users can tag styles, Grab other people’s fashion finds to their own stores and share with their friends using Facebook and Twitter, adding new ways to discover fashion online.  One of the best features that I love is that everything you see on Grabble can be purchased.

Feel free to view the whole Valentine’s Day ASOS collection I have made, as not all the products have been shown in the preview, and I wouldn’t want you to miss out!

I find Grabble is so easy to use, and once you have finished your collection, you can then embed it, or share it. I sometimes struggle for inspiration; however by using Grabble it has opened my eyes a lot! You’re probably thinking how is this different to Pinterest? Well, unlike Pinterest, Grabble has been developed to only work with commerce in mind, so if you can’t buy it, you can’t Grab it. This helps it be kept strictly product focused which is valuable for users. Another fantastic feature is that you can even receive alerts when your items go into sale – a massive bonus for us fashion lovers!

If you want even more information, then check out this video below to learn how Grabble makes shopping simple.

Have you tried Grabble yet?

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