Review: Maybelline Baby Lips Hydrate

baby lips maybelline hydrate

Baby Lips has been out for a while now, though I never seemed to get round to purchasing one. It was only a couple of days ago that I went into Boots and purchased Hydrate. It is one of six different formulas that have been released, these are; Intense Care (yellow), Mint Fresh (green), Hydrate (blue), Cherry Me (orange), Pink Punch (pink) and Peach Kiss (lilac). I chose this one as it’s been getting colder and I keep finding myself getting dehydrated, so thought this would be the best one to try out. The packaging is really bold and eye catching. All the products are very bright and summery, so stand out when you go into the store.

baby lips maybelline hydrate

Each balm comes in a stand wind up tube with a clear lid, with different writing and colour combinations dependant on the variety of the balm. Moisturising wise, I’ve seen better results with the likes of Carmex and Vaseline, so I don’t think these will be added to my “winter lip survival kit”.To begin with my lips look lovely and soft and smooth, which makes them a nice base for lipstick, but the effect wares off pretty quickly.

baby lips maybelline hydrate

The texture is soft and easy to apply, leaving a dewy, balmy finish on the lips. Results wise my lips did feel hydrated and nourished on contact with the balm but within an hour or so the nice balmy texture had worn away, within another hour my lips felt dehydrated again and needed another application. The scent smells nice, Hydrating has a punchy berry scent, although it’s a shame the scent only lingers around for a couple of minutes because that’s my favourite part about them! As this is one of the ones which contains added SPF 20, this would be great for warmer holiday to replenish the moisture lost in the heat, as well as keeping your protected from UV rays. 

I do like them but they are definitely not worth the hype that’s surrounding them at the minute, this might be because of the fun packaging, so will probably be a hit with younger people. This might not be such a bad thing, especially because they contain the SPF 20 protection that some of their rivals like Vaseline do not.

These retail for £2.99 or are currently on offer for buy one get on half price at Boots.

Have you jumped on the Baby Lips bandwagon yet? Let me know what you thought of them!

Frankie x

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