Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Maybelline Baby Skin Face Primer Pore Bottle

After giving baby lips a go, I decided I would try out baby face too. I really love the packaging – it’s just the right size and small enough for travelling. The tube is pretty cute and the colours straight away reminded me of the Benefit Porefessional. The nozzle of the tube is great, as it allows the product to come out slowly and in small amounts. I understand that the name ‘Baby Skin’ is for the brand’s “baby” line (like ‘Baby Lips’), but I just don’t think that it suits the product.

Maybelline Baby Skin Face Primer Pore Bottle

The product is designed to be used as a primer but can also be worn on its own. It is a thick silicone gel and has a similar consistency to Porefessional. I am not sure if this was made as a dupe of the Benefit primer but it claims to do the same thing and has very similar packaging so it will obviously be compared. My pores are not big and not particularly visible however application of this did nothing to mask them at all. It feels nice to apply and leaves my skin feeling fairly silky. My makeup applied well and didn’t soak into my skin as much, meaning I was able to use less. Although this silicone based primer is supposed to be great for oily skin, I feel like my skin feels greasier with it on. It did stay put all day, but I have that result with most primers.

Maybelline Baby Skin Face Primer Pore Bottle

This claims to be a pore eraser and in my opinion it just doesn’t do that job. The tiny tube contains only 22ml of product, the same quantity as Porefessional. This is £7.99 from Boots, and although it is much cheaper than Benefit, is not cheap enough considering it doesn’t really do the job it claims to do. I will continue using this as a primer, because my pores are not big and don’t bother me, but I don’t see myself repurchasing.

Have you tried Baby Skin by Maybelline?

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