Review: Prairie Charms

A little while ago I was tweeted by the lovely handmade online accessories boutique Prairie Charms, inviting me to take part in their “Project Blogger” collaboration. I read into this and after seeing they donate 10% of profits to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, I was more than eager to take part and purchase something from their website.

After craving for a flower crown all through the summer, I decided on the gorgeous Fleur Crown I had seen on the twitter page for Prairie Charms. I then also chose the tala heart bows (pack of two), and the rose bobby pins in pink. (These seem to be currently out of stock on the website). Unfortunately my package got mixed up in the post, however Prairie Charms were kind enough to send out another package which I was very grateful for.

Every morning I came rushing down the stairs to check and see what the post would bring, and finally it arrived, in a bright purple package as if Christmas had come early!

The items themselves were wrapped perfectly in pink paper to keep them safe, and sealed with a Prairie Charms sticker. The crown was also packaged in bubble wrap to prevent any breakages.

Fleur Crown

As you can see, the crown is simply stunning and really well made for just £6 (with the Project Blogger discount). I love the fact that it’s on a metal band rather than an elasticated piece as it feels much more secure so I wont be fiddling with it all day. A lot of places sell these for much, much more, so I was very pleased with it. I chose pink because it goes well with my blonde hair, and even if I were to dye it pink again, it would suit.

Rose bobby pins and tala heart bows

You’ll probably be shocked to know before I ordered from Prairie Charms, I owned no hair accessories at all! The website managed to sway me, and I’m so glad it did because the clips are so lovely. The bobby pins themselves are a smaller version of the crown, for example for if you just want a little something to put in your hair instead of the full hairband.

I have been lusting after some hair bows for quite some time now, but the ones I often find that I like are far too expensive for what you actually get. These hair bows however are so sweet and are good quality, so stay firmly in my hair due to the crocodile style clips.

There are so many different ways to wear these hair pieces so hopefully I’ll be able to get another post up soon to show you how to do it. I’ve already got my eye on a few more things from Prairie Charms, as all of the items are so lovely and reasonably priced, so I will be definitely buying more in the near future. They also have a “beauty” section on the website that I am very eager to to look at, when they start listing products there soon hopefully! I think that Prairie Charms’ customer service have been fantastic with talking to me through Twitter and also via email. They made me feel at ease with the transaction and kept me up to date with the parcel details, I couldn’t recommend enough so urge you to have a wander onto their website, and see if anything takes your fancy.

Have you ordered from Prairie Charms yet or taken part in Project Blogger? Let me know!

Frankie x

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