Sheffield Blogger Meet Meadowhall Group Photo
Group photo – taken by Jane

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending the Sheffield blogger meet up, hosted by the fabulous Siobhan over at The Beauty Baker. After a couple of hours getting to know each other and to explore what Meadowhall had up for grabs, we headed over to Las Iguanas for something to eat. Although it’s not somewhere I would typically go, they did offer chips so I was more than happy munching away on those! I was a bit nervous about meeting new people since this is only the second meet I’ve been to, but everyone was really friendly and it was just like hanging out with a group of friends.

Sheffield Blogger Meet Meadowhall Cocktails Meal
Meal and cocktails at Las Iguanas (taken on phone due to low lighting)

Siobhan had arranged a raffle and I was lucky enough to win not only a Benefit goodie, but also a few bits and pieces she had picked up from America! The raffle worked really well since everyone was guaranteed a prize so it was fair. This, plus the goodie bag we had been given at Las Iguanas really blew me away, it’s clear Siobhan had spent a lot of time sorting it out for us, so a huge thank-you so all the brands that helped get involved! I’m going to get another post up where I will detail the goodie bag contents, plus a couple of reviews.

Sheffield Blogger Meet Meadowhall Goodie Bag

Sheffield Blogger Meet Meadowhall Raffle Prize
Raffle prizes!

At 8pm we headed over to Lush where we had a private tour, demonstrations and even a few little treats for each of us. I’d never done anything like that before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! We were shown how to use massage bars, and although it was odd testing them out on a stranger, it was loads of fun. The massage made my arm feel weightless and really relaxed, so it pretty much convinced me to buy the Hottie bar (which reminds me of Aero chocolate!).

Sheffield Blogger Meet Meadowhall Lush
Testing out skincare products

Sheffield Blogger Meet Meadowhall Lush Massage
Sophie giving Siobhan a massage

Sheffield Blogger Meet Meadowhall Lush Hottie Massage Bar

Sheffield Blogger Meet Meadowhall Let The Good Times Roll
I decided to choose Let The Good Times Roll (shown above) as one of my samples

After Lush, Siobhan and I headed to TGI Fridays for a cocktail to wind down before we left, although it was pretty stressful when we thought we’d been locked in Meadowhall! The whole day was filled with laughter and smiles, it was a really relaxed and fun atmosphere – just what a meet should be like!

Sheffield Blogger Meet Meadowhall TGI Fridays Cocktails

Sheffield Blogger Meet Meadowhall Selfie
Selfie at Las Iguanas! – Taken by Siobhan

Rumour has it, Siobhan is already planning her next meet – so I can’t wait to see what she has planned for next time! I’ve got my own blogger meet happening on Friday, so I’m hoping it will go just as well as this one did. Have you been to a blogger meet before? What did you get up to?

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