The Barry M Matte Topcoat Test

Barry M Matte Topcoat Test Challenge Nail Polish Varnish

Today’s post is a review with a twist, as I’ll be putting the Barry M matte topcoat to the test against various nail polishes. The idea behind this topcoat is that you simply apply the colour polish you desire, then finish off with a layer of matte topcoat, which in theory should then give a matte effect. So the question is, did it work?

Barry M Matte Topcoat Test Challenge Nail Polish Varnish Hand

I found the glossiest and shiniest Barry M polishes I owned and applied one shade to each nail, (from left to right), Aquarium Collection Mediterranean, Limited Edition Promenade, Gelly Hi-Shine Greenberry, Limited Edition Summer 2013 B (Green) and Vivid Purple. I applied two coats to each nail (three for the limited edition green shade), and then went in with the matte topcoat.

Barry M Matte Topcoat Test Challenge Nail Polish Varnish Hand

How freakin’ awesome is that! It completely changes the appearance of the polish, and leaves my nails feeling so smooth. I was sceptical if it would affect Mediterranean as it is a duochrome polish, however the matte topcoat maintained the rose pink/copper mix while reducing the overall shine.

The best thing about the matte topcoat is that now I can get two looks out of one nail varnish! This is the first matte topcoat I’ve tried before and I’m very impressed. At just £2.99, I definitely recommend you give it a go – it gives a completely different look to the polishes you already own, updating your polish collection with ease.

My picks from the matte effect would be Promenade and Greenberry, as they are perfect summery pastel shades! Which is your favourite?

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