The Versatile Blogger Award

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A few days ago, I woke up to find out I had been nominated for another award! However because I was nominated during freshers week at University, I just haven’t had the time to sit back and write until now – more about this on my next blog post.

This award is called the Versatile Blogger Award. This award is given to blogs/bloggers who you feel really have covered some unique topics/have a general uniqueness to their blog, have high quality posts, high quality photos, and have touched you or you just really love reading.

So firstly I was nominated by the lovely Kammi at BeautyBookBlog!

So the rules for this award areā€¦

– Display the award on your blog

– Mention/link the lovely people who nominated you

– Nominate another 15 blogs/bloggers who you feel should be given this award

– Inform them you have nominated them

– Write seven facts about yourself

So the 15 blogs I am nominating are…

– Rose at

– Elliot at
– Tim at
– Josh at
– Clem at
– Tasmin at
– Kayleigh at
– Marissa at
– Shona at
– Laura at
– Nicole at
– Vanessa at
– Rachael at
– Abraar at
– Fay at

    Okay so 7 facts about myself…

    – I am a quarter Irish.

    – I can watch any type of horror/gore films but cannot stand paper cuts. Nonono.

    – I love Harry Potter. A few days ago I was watching the films and was able to recite the exact words simultaneously. I also joined the Harry Potter society this week!

    – I used to be part of 3 waterpolo teams, however now I can’t do any exercise to save my life!

    – My favourite food is pizza. Give me pizza and I will love you forever.

    – Speaking of pizza, I actually eat a lot for such a small person.

    – Family is really important to me, and my parents will always be my best friends.

    So those are the lovely blogs I nominate for this award!

    Hope you have read doing/reading this, and send me a link once you’ve finished so I can read yours!

    Frankie x

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