University Preparation: The Weeks Leading Up To Move In Day

If you’re on a tight budget such as myself, only buy what you need. Write a checklist of things you already have/need to buy and stick to it, checking it off as you go along. For example, if you see a really cute homeware item in a shop, just take a moment to think about whether you actually need it or can survive without it. Instead think about how the money you are saving could go towards something else, for example a meal. If you do want to make your room look more homely while you’re there, try to find things that won’t take a chunk out of your budget.

If you know you need a job whilst you’re at university, consider starting looking now! Don’t leave it last minute when you actually start, as they may be very few or no jobs available. 

Try to buy bedding, pillow cases and towels that are the same colour, as this will reduce cost when using washing machines as you won’t need to split colours. Take advantage of the space under your bed whilst at university. Consider purchasing some cheap storage boxes that will keep your room looking organised and tidy. This can also come in handy if you are leaving your room to go out and want to keep your laptop, mobile phone or any other gadgets out of sight.

Once you find out your flat details, find your roommates. This can be done through Facebook groups that the university or individuals have set up, or there are websites that let you enter your information to find others in the same flat. You should be extremely cautious using this method though, as you are giving out exactly where you live to goodness knows who, as anyone could easily set up a fake website. Once you have found your roommates it’s always good to talk about what you’re going to bring, in case you only need one of an item in the flat such as a toaster. Speaking in advance to people who are going to the same university will not only help you settle in quicker, but may also reduce your initial nerves on move in day and any awkwardness.

Think about pulling a little ’emergency’ bag together containing items such as plasters, pain killers, emergency contact numbers etc for in times of need. If your parents are helping you move in on the day, take advantage of this and take food with you to get you through the first few days. Consider finding alcohol on offer before you go, as you can also share this with your new flat mates on the first night to get to know them better. Bring relevant documents and make sure all paperwork that is required has been filled our prior to arriving!

Fancy dress nights differ from uni to uni, however most do involve them in freshers week. The problem with this is that it can be expensive, though it can be a great bonding method, so be sure to check out eBay or charity stores. Not everywhere has fancy dress stores, but if they do they are much pricier so it’s best to find out in advance what sort of fancy dress you’ll need. You can find some great deals on eBay, as I have found some great and cheaply priced outfits myself in the past.

If you don’t know your timetable for freshers week yet, I’d suggest bringing any fancy dress you have already including a school shirt and tie as you can be sure you will use these one night for a school night theme! Facepaint is something else you may want to bring whatever the occasion.

Learn to cook. Think about learning how to make some basic meals to get your through the first few weeks. Learning how to cook a few simple meals will help to make sure you eat well during university and your house mates may appreciate it too!

These are the main things that spring to mind for now, however if you have any more questions please feel free to comment or speak to me via the contact options available.

Frankie x

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