University Preparation: What To Take

“Moving House” by Flickr user Nathan O’Nions

Moving to University can be daunting and you need to be organised when it comes to packing. I have compiled a list of things including the basics just to help you along. You may not need/want all these things if you already own them or are provided them in your accommodation, and depending on if you’re male or female of course!

So, let’s start from the beginning. The following is what I plan on taking to University/what I would suggest, so here goes!






Electrical Items

Kitchen Items

– It’s sometimes worth waiting to speak to your housemates first about these, so you don’t end up with a silly amount of one item.

Laundry and House Keeping


Don’t try to buy all these items as you may want to wait and see what your flatmates bring, or see what is already provided in your accommodation. The obvious things that aren’t further explained such as usual day to day clothes, and a detailed list of stationary, as this is up to you and what you’d wear/think you would need. And please don’t use candles if you’re not allowed!

This is the list of all the items I can think of at present, however if I remember anymore I will certainly add them on.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me or leave a comment, and good luck if you’re off to University!

Frankie x

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