University Preparation: UV Paint Party

UV Paint Party @ Shuffle by Flikr user Steve Smailes

Hello my lovelies! Today I’m going to talk about preparing for freshers week at University. Yesterday I went on a job hunt and may have got distracted by all the shiny things in Primark…well who wouldn’t? While I was there, I decided to do a little shopping in preparation for freshers. One of the theme nights for my University is a UV paint party, so basically you want to wear something you expect to get trashed. Sometimes it is stated that the paint used will not stain, however I am not willing to risk it.

If you’re like me and have recently chucked all your old or small clothes away, you’ll find you don’t own anything that is suitable to wear. For a UV night you especially want to see if you can find any white items of clothes, as these will glow under black light.

For example, I managed to pick up a simple vest I picked up for only £3! Because of how the top is styled it means the sides and back of your bra will show, and as I didn’t particularly want my current ones to get stained, so I decided to pick up a cheap bright pink one! Since it is a UV paint party, it wont matter if it is visible from under the vest as many others will be doing the same! This cost £5.

Next on my list was a pair of shorts! I picked up these for £5 and they’re surprisingly cute and quite comfy! I think once it has paint splattered on them, they’ll look pretty cool.

I’d thought I’d almost finished, however I realised I didn’t have any old shoes or ones I’d be willing to get ruined. So I bought a pair of simple lace up white shoes for £3, that I don’t particularly mind if they have paint on them by the end of the night. I personally think it would make them look awesome if they did!

Simple Clothes

Once you have your clothes sorted, you’re almost set! As the theme is UV you may want to take some time to look on eBay for some cheap accessories!

Smiffys UV Beads – eBay
From Left to Right:
Pink Neon Tights – Matalan
UV Pink Paint – eBay
StarGazer UV Eye/Lip Liner – eBay
Neon Pink Star Earrings – Claire’s
Smiffys UV Bracelets – eBay
UV Pink Glasses – Claire’s
UV Body Pen – eBay

To completely finish off the look you can even buy UV nail polish, and these come in a range of colours and can be found on eBay. (I own pink and green varnish and also a UV topcoat!) Just remember to have fun, try not to slip on the floor (flat shoes advised!) and have a great time.

Frankie x

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