Valentine’s Day Gift Guide #1 – Vinyl Clocks

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so I’ve created a little gift guide series in case you’re stuck for ideas this year. Personally I’m a fan of anything that’s quirky or to do with chocolate, so I’m quite easy to please!

I was offered the chance to review what I think is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. I was very excited to find a surprise big pink parcel being handed to me by my postman. I am always over excited when I get mail, but with it being so near to Valentine’s Day, could this be from a secret admirer?

I was very keep to open the package, especially once I had laid eyes upon the Vinyl Clocks logo. The package itself reminds me of a pizza box, but much more stylish with white and pink colours, and most definitely didn’t contain a pizza! I love the fact it was simple, and it made the logo really stand out on the front. I love the message on the underside of the box, “If you can read this, either you or the box are the wrong way up”.

I followed the note provided on how to open the box properly to avoid damage, and carefully cut the tape and opened the lid. I was met with a beautifully wrapped pink tissue paper, complete with the company logo. By this time, the anticipation was too much, so I carefully lifted off the protective layer to reveal what was inside.

I had been sent a Vinyl Clock*! “Why do fools fall in love” by Frankie Lymon (we have ours names in common!). I immediately brought up YouTube and started bopping along to the music. What a great choice to send to someone for Valentine’s Day. The message is clear and to the point, and even though I knew vaguely what was going to arrive, it still made me feel special as if someone was thinking of me and wanted to make sure I knew. The clock itself is really well made; the three hands were undamaged (thanks to the sturdy packaging), two gold coloured and the second hand red. It is quite simply made up of the record and the clock mechanism. The purple and pink record itself is gorgeous – and also my favourite colours!

Turning it over there is a casing to hold an AA battery, a knurled wheel to set the time and a strong place from which to hang the clock from.  It is also clear that much thought and care has gone into the packaging, another thick polystyrene layer beneath the clock that has a cut out so the battery casing sits perfectly inside. Once the battery had been placed in the clock, I realised just how quiet the mechanism was.

The clocks start from around £13.95, meaning there is something for everyone’s budget and for every occasion. LP’s and singles are available, from all genres of music from the 1950′s onwards. There is a special section for The Beatles and Number Ones.

I can’t help but think how wonderful it would be to receive one of this in the post for any occasion, find a record that has meaning to you, a title that says what you’re thinking or even one that you are just a big fan of. Not just a record, not just clock, but memories. It is a piece of art that will hang on your wall for years to come, truly timeless! Music is very personal and intimate, there are songs that make you laugh or cry, there are songs that strike a chord with you, as you recall a person, a place, a feeling or an event, we all attach memories to music, which is why I feel Vinyl Clocks make such a perfect gift to give to that special person.

What record would you pick to hang on your wall as a clock?

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