Valentine’s Day: Greeting Games

Greeting Games have launched a new concept in greeting cards, basically a digital greeting card combined with a casual game. It’s a really fun way to send e-cards to people, and the brilliant thing is it works on smartphones as it’s not Flash-based. Greeting Games* include a choice of 25 very popular casual games, such as gem blasters, matchers, bubble shooters, slicers, mahjong, sudoku, jigsaw puzzles, word search games and many others.

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, this is a great way to show your affection to your other half, by sending them a game to reveal a hidden message. This idea really appealed to me as I’m into technology (it’s what my degree is all about), and my boyfriend is also doing a games computing degree, so this is really up our alley!

To create your personalised game, first you choose the occasion for which to send a greeting card. You can send a Greeting Game for any occasion such as Valentine’s Day, birthday cards, get well soon wishes, congratulations, party invitations or just to say thank-you to someone. After that, you choose a combination of a story and game that fits your friend or loved one best. Then you can personalise the Greeting Game by changing the title, setting the difficulty, and adding a personal message. When your Greeting Game is finished, press ‘send’ and you’re done, and what’s great is the first one is always for free. Another great feature is that you can actually preview the game for yourself so you know what the person will receive. I was really mean and sent one to my boyfriend Josh on the hardest difficulty setting on a blaster game! I also thought this game was appropriate since I’m often referred to as a crazy cat lady.

game preview

This particular game is a match 3 game, in which you have to click on groups of three squares or more of the same colour. Clicking on groups will get you points and fill the progress bar. You need to fill the progress bar to complete a level and you will need to complete all three levels to complete the game. After a while he managed to complete all the levels to reveal the secret personal message I had sent him. I managed to capture the game in action about half way through, so feel free to view it below. Excuse Josh’s naughty language at times (frustration at the difficulty level) and the wobbly camera as it was taken on my phone!

As people become more dependent upon technology, the use of cards is decreasing. I do think giving someone a card in certain circumstances is great, however for most cases the card just lasts a day then gets binned. It’s sad but true. That’s why I think Greeting Games is fantastic, as you can still say exactly what you would have in a card, whilst also being cheaper and can be accessed instantly. And so I will continue to use these fantastic personalised games in the future!

Would you consider using Greeting Games over physical cards?

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