Valentine’s Day – Treat Yourself

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, it’s all you can see in shops and a lot of blog posts are dedicated to it. But what if you’re single? That doesn’t mean you have to spend the day being anti-Valentine’s Day or feeling sorry for yourself. Personally I don’t like PDA or going over the top, showering your partner in gifts for just one day. Plus, we’re not all rich here, being a student and all. It’s nice that there is a day in the year where you can celebrate your relationship – but does this really need to be publicised all over your social media?

What I’m saying is, I know how it feels to spend the day sitting in your room, over thinking about your recent breakup and trying to avoid Facebook because everyone’s posting about what theirs plans are with their other half.

But you don’t have to spend the day in misery, and heartache. We’re women, and we can handle anything! So here are a few suggestions on how to spend your day;

Go Shopping
Grab your friends, and go on a shopping trip! Ask your friends that are in a relationship too, as you might make their day, especially if their partner is too busy working etc. to spend time with them on Valentine’s Day. Although this isn’t the best solution for your bank, I did this one Valentine’s Day and it really cheered me up.

Friendly Get Together
This is similar to the point before of getting your friends together and just having fun! Eat chocolates and watch lots of movies – and why not order a pizza too? Sounds like the perfect day for a food fanatic such as myself.

Distract Yourself
It sounds daft, but try to distract yourself from the day by doing things like baking or listening to music. Maybe even go on a day trip somewhere with your family/siblings? Spend the day like it’s just any other day and before you know it, you’ll be going to sleep and the ‘dreaded day’ will be over.

You don’t need a partner for Valentine’s Day, nor do you need to hate the day.

Love & Hugs

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