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Viking is an online site which sells everything from stationery and craft supplies to electronics and furniture. Recently I was contacted in regards to receiving a bundle* of anything I desired from the website. I spent ages looking through the site trying to decide what I was going to choose, and I’m really happy with what I chose.

Since I’m at University, I actually already own a ridiculous amount of stationery from various kinds of pens, notepads, highlighters… you name it, and I’ve probably got it. The main thing I don’t actually own? Plain. White. Paper. So of course I chose a pack of paper which will come in handy for revision! I’m really interested in doing some craft soon after exams, so the other things I picked were some really colourful cellophane sheets, a Nestle treat size selection pack (a student needs power food!), a 16GB SD card so I can take lots of pretty photos and a six pack of fluorescent ready mix paint. All the products are really good quality and the chocolate has already disappeared!

Viking Direct Haul Florescent Ready Mixed Paint Bottles

Viking Direct Haul Florescent Ready Mixed Paint Bottles Lid

I was really impressed when these paints arrived, as not only are they really gorgeous colours but they were packed in a sturdy box in really pretty packaging of their own. I just love the love heart symbol on the lids! These florescent ready mixed paints are exactly what it says they are – read mixed! So there’s no wasted time prepping the paint before using it. For £14.99 I think this pack of 6 x 600ML bottles of paint is worth getting!

Viking Direct Haul Paper Cellophane Sheets Chocolate Memory Card SD

Shown in the image above is a SanDisk 16GB Ultra DS card, which I’m using in my camera as it’s faster than my usual 4GB card and obviously holds more memory. The card is £12.59, and I’m really impressed with it and I have not experienced any problems with it – even when I took it on the long journey to Sheffield to see McBusted! I couldn’t help myself get a treat size Nestle selection pack, as a student need motivation right! The pack is £5.75 and its jam packed with 22 delicious treats inside.

Viking Direct Haul Printer Copier Paper White Sheets Everyday

As stated above, I didn’t own any paper so requested a pack. I was expecting just a boring pack of paper however I think this packaging is really cool and funky. I’m currently using this paper for both the printer and for a bit of craft. You get 500 white sheets for £3.59 and it is great for printing and photocopying.

Viking Direct Haul Cellophane Coloured Sheets

Viking Direct Haul Cellophane Coloured Sheets

Not your usual kind of purchase, but these cellophane sheets are £2.75, and you receive 48 sheets in a variety of colours. These remind me of when I was younger and we’d make stain glass windows, and I already have an idea or two what I’m going to make with these! I find colour cellophane sheets really pretty, and if you layer one over the other, you can make a completely different colour! These are decent sized sheets (A4), so there’s a lot to work with which is great, I’m really pleased with this pack.

I’ve always been a big fan of stationery (hence why I didn’t need any more this time as I already own lots!), however I do have my eye on a few more things from https://www.viking-direct.co.uk like this adorable Cat Post-it dispenser – perfect for any crazy cat lady!

Viking Direct Haul Cat Post It Dispenser
Cat Post-it Dispenser

I’m pleasantly surprised at the quality of each product and the pricing is reasonable. I wouldn’t think twice about ordering again from Viking – especially if I needed to top up on chocolate!

Find more quirky items and craft essentials over at https://www.viking-direct.co.uk

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